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How to Take Care of Wood Handicrafts?

Wood handicrafts are so beautiful and elegant! However, they too need proper cleaning and caring in an organized way if you want them to be there for years. Wood handicrafts not only include the wooden decorative accessories for home decor like the wooden statues and picture frames but also the wooden furniture, especially the carved wood furniture. Carving sometimes makes it a tricky affair to clean wood furniture and other handicrafts. However, what is more important when it comes to caring for handicraft is to know whether it is made of raw wood or finished wood because both the types of wood require different methods of caring for and cleaning wood handicrafts.

Caring for Raw Wood Handicraft

By raw wood we mean the wood without a coating. Coating is the anti-water and anti-oil layer on the surface of wood handicraft made through polish, melamine etc. Following tips on how to care for raw wood handicrafts will keep them look new for years to come.

  • Sand the wood surface of the wood handicraft. Sand it in the same direction as that of the wood fiber. When finished with sanding, clean the wood surface with the help of a brush.
  • Apply linseed oil with the help of brush. Leave the handicraft piece to allow the oil seep into the timber or wood craft.
  • With the help of a clean cloth, flatten the remaining liquid on the surface of wooden handicraft and let it dry for a couple of hours.
  • Repeat the second and third steps to make the surface of wooden handicrafts close perfectly. This will protect your wood handicrafts or wood furniture from oil, water and other impurities.

Caring for Finished Wood Handicraft

Finished wood handicrafts simply mean a coated handicraft- or a wood handicraft that has a protective layer of polish, melamine etc.

  • Clean wood handicraft with the help of a clean, dry cloth.
  • Now take wax on a clean cloth again and rub the wood surface in the direction of wood fiber. Avoid too much pressing and do the task gently.
  • If the handicraft is made by wood carving, dilute wax by using a little gasoline or turpentine oil. With the help of a paint brush, rub it on the details of your carved wood handicraft. Let the handicraft so cleaned dry for at least 15-20 minutes.
  • To provide maximum protection to the wood handicraft, repeat the activity described in step 2 above.

Cleaning Wood Handicraft

Cleaning wood handicrafts regularly along with taking extra care from time to time can make them last longer. Following steps for cleaning wood handicraft will ensure that your furniture and other decorative look new forever.

  • Mix some mild detergent with warm water and soak a clean lint free cloth. Make the cloth damp by wringing out the water from it. Wipe the surface of wood handicraft or furniture with this damp cloth. This will remove any grime or dust that has built up on the furniture or handicraft. Let it dry for sometime.
  • Now polish the wood furniture or handicraft preferably with teak oil. Use a lint free cloth or paint brush for the purpose. A spray gun filled with oil can also be used to polish wood handicrafts and furniture. However, a cloth ensures that oil is spread evenly over the surface of the wood craft or furniture. Leave it for sometime until it feels tacky.
  • After oiling wood handicraft or furniture, buff or polish the surface with another clean rag an hour later. You can even use a good quality sealer for providing maximum protection to your wood handicrafts.

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